Publication: NZ BookLovers

While it can’t exactly be said that raw food is a new food craze – it does have a long history, but within New Zealand has been mostly synonymous with “weird hippy living” – it most certainly has become much more mainstream, with even your fiercest anti-health food individuals now being forced to admit that raw food can be absolutely, fabulously delicious.

For proof of that you need look no further than Megan May’s two ultra-successful “Little Bird” cafés, located in trendy suburbs of Auckland. Grown from May’s desire to find food in New Zealand that was fresh, healthy and did not aggravate her allergies to gluten, dairy and sugar, “Little Bird” started with her recipes for a breakfast cereal “Grawnola”, which was soon followed by the “Little Bird” macaroons. To her surprise, May found that people responded to her gluten, dairy and sugar free concoctions, and with the acquisition of a small factory in Kingsland the production grew until May realised her dream of opening a raw food café. A year later a much bigger space was turned into the now enormously popular “Little Bird Café” in Ponsonby, and with this, Auckland’s raw food revolution had begun.

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