Publication: NZ BookLovers

Liza Marklund sure knows how to create an iconic female crime-fighting character: take some gutsiness, coupled with a good dose of instinct and investigative skill, put it together with a charming note of vulnerability, and you have Annika Bengtzon, the feisty heroine of no less than nine Liza Marklund novels, who is now back in Marklund’s new novel Borderline.

Renowned Swedish writer Marklund has said that the character of Annika has been with her since her childhood in the small village of Pålmark, where she created early stories of Annika, who “was busy catching villains even back then. She was sly and strong, and got herself into trouble, but she always triumphed in the end.” Renowned as a writer with a “social conscience”, Markland’s astute depiction of political and social circumstances has always left a strong impression on readers of her crime thrillers, and it is no accident that her Bengtzen series has become one of the most popular crime series to emerge out of Europe in recent years.

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