Publication: NZ BookLovers

Reading a book with the title Are Men Obsolete? with Camille Paglia as one of the authors, I was prepared for a weighty, academic, and complicated analysis of gender politics: the kind of read that you get through in order to learn something new and then show off to your friends of how up-to-date you are on current social issues.

To my surprise, the book was neither weighty nor complicated, and while there was some academic analysis, it was also witty, entertaining and thought provoking. The book is the result of the 2013 “Munk debate on gender”, which managed to get Camille Paglia, Caitlin Moran, Hanna Rosin and Maureen Dowd – all writers, critics and commentators on gender politics – in one room to argue the pros and cons of the very contentious question “Are men obsolete?”

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