Hi, my name is Tanya Alllport, and I am a freelance writer, reviewer, blogger and researcher.

I look for stories that inspire me – stories about “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things; stories about places of wonder and intrigue; stories that explain how we can lead our best lives; and stories that may otherwise never be told.

I believe stories help us not just to think about our own and other people’s lives, but help us to consider how words can establish a connection between all of us. I am trying to connect the dots between myself and whatever exciting and inspiring things I find out there, and I hope that through my writing I am able to help readers do the same thing.

Apart from my personal interests in travel, horses, yoga and photography, I am passionate about books and reading. I was fortunate to be able to complete a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Auckland, which meant I was surrounded by diverse and remarkable literature for the (many!) years it took to complete my degree. I now keep my reading quota up by reading and reviewing literature from all different genre, and by writing articles on authors and literature.

While I love to travel and explore around the world as much as possible, living among the beautiful native bush of the Waitakere ranges in New Zealand  means that I am also always happy to come home again!